have always existed
and the birds, as usual
I got told off for feeding the pigeons during lockdown admittedly I left seeds and peanuts everywhere on the balcony and it was a free-for-all between…
May 22nd-29th 2022
hardcore hardcore do you know what it means to be alive or what NASA we are safe space space safe and what it meant the man who gave you his watch and…
oh God either every word means something or it means nothing and all you can do. minimise or maximise THE LOGIC or just create the impression of a…
no longer augury but circling the drain fake spring fake fear seagulls spiral no left no right no doubt there is more eating throw your arms around the…
the problem with evil is in order to understand what it is you have to be able to imagine it which is very frightening but the only way you can avoid…
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Nina Power